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It is in our DNA. CrossFit 4055 was purposefully designed to provide a framework to enhance and prolong your life though health, fitness and community. This is forged through a connection to and understanding of our members’ needs, physically and mentally. We foster a community that is inclusive, focused, hardworking and most importantly, supportive. Our people are the fibre that makes this community so great. You will never want to leave.


CrossFit welcomes and unites people of all ages, abilities, and goals using a methodology that is accessible and effective for all. We train, persevere and progress together. We have built a strong and inclusive community that drives unparalleled progress and a deep sense of belonging. It is human nature to form connections through the consistency of working through hard things together.

To quote one of our new members, “These are my people!!” [Danielle W.]

People who do CrossFit range in ability, fitness levels and start at any age. What we have in common is the community we build together. It doesn’t matter what your level of fitness is, if you show up and work hard to your ability, you will create a better life.


CrossFit 4055 has a team of highly skilled and passionate coaches to help you achieve your health and fitness goals. They listen to understand your unique needs and they scale each workout so you move safely.


We teach the foundations of functional movement so your body can move in the way nature intended. Our programming focuses on the fundamentals to promote flexibility, mobility and stability. This is coupled with weight bearing movements to increase strength and bone density, with high intensity cardio. Our coaches always focus on moving safely, as we gradually increase load and intensity. We do not take a cookie-cutter approach. The goal is to work hard within the limits of your physical and mental capacity. For each workout, all movements have scaling options and your coaches can modify the workout to suit your individual needs.

Our programming is strategically varied, new workouts are programmed every day. Different movements, rep schemes, weights, and time domains. Head Coach Blade will ensure you will never plateau or get bored.

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